About UNO

Established in 1984, UNO is the largest organization of its kind across the region with nearly 20,000 individuals engaging in UNO sponsored community development activities each year as noted below. It has become a model for the successful assimilation of Hispanic children and families into American society.

UNO Charter Schools – UNO currently operates a network of 16 charter schools including its first high school in Chicago, serving over 7,500 students and families each year. UNO believes that public schools ought to serve as the focal point to transition Hispanic families into successful and civic minded Americans.

Citizenship Campaign – Since 1992, UNO has assisted about 80,000 individuals in applying for U.S. citizenship as well as other immigration services through its wide-scale citizenship campaign done in partnership with businesses, community organizations, churches and schools across the region.

Metropolitan Leadership Institute (MLI) - UNO created MLI in 2001 to galvanize action among Hispanic professionals looking for opportunity to increase leadership roles in the public and private sector. Over 340 Hispanics have participated in the MLI to date.

Leadership Development – UNO engages thousands of Hispanics – from community residents to small business owners and elected officials – through its semi-annual leadership development training retreats; giving voice to this underrepresented population within the public arena.

Parent and Community Involvement – For decades, UNO has offered parent involvement programs through monthly parent workshops, family educational outings, and family literacy nights. UNO also offers fourteen English as a Second Language classes and twelve Digital Divide computer classes through adult enrichment programming; engaging about 860 participants across six community areas.

Health Care Outreach -UNO refers an average of 5,000 people annually to free and reduced-cost health care services, and connects individuals to health insurance programs, including health screenings and medical providers across Chicago and suburbs.

Campaign to End Overcrowding - In spring 2009, UNO launched a massive campaign to alleviate overcrowding in primarily Hispanic Chicago neighborhoods, and was able to successfully secure a $98 million appropriation from the state of Illinois for the construction and/or renovation of charter school facilities. When fully