Graduate Support

In 2006, UNO created the Graduate Support Department to assist its students and parents in selecting and applying to the best high schools in Chicago and across the country. Under this program, UNO students are guided through an extensive high school application process that begins in sixth grade. Additionally the Graduate Support Department assists UNO’s Major Hector P. Garcia High School Juniors and Seniors with the college selection and admission process.

UNO ensures that its students maintain a high level of academic success even after they leave the network’s doors. With college being the ultimate destination, UNO realizes the importance of choosing a quality high school, college or university. The Graduate Support Department vows to see its students in the best schools across the United States.

Through the graduate support team students are exposed to:

•  High school presentations from the city’s high-quality high schools

•  Shadow days at a selective group of high schools

•  Mandatory attendance at the UNO High School Fair, which in 2007 welcomed more than 50 top performing high schools from Chicago, Wisconsin, and Indiana

•  Applying to a minimum of four UNO-approved high schools*

•  Applying for high school scholarships, including the Daniel Murphy Scholarship, HighSight Scholarship, LINK Unlimited, the UNO President’s Scholarship

•  Weekly meetings with students and parents

There are currently more than 70 UNO-approved high schools that include Catholic, selective enrollment, magnet, military, charter and independent high schools. The Graduate Support Department determines a school’s superior quality based on ACT score average, sports/extra-curricular activities, graduation rates, college acceptance/enrollment rates, school environment, curriculum and school visits. These standards assist the Graduate Support’s mission to have UNO Charter Schools students excel in higher education.

* For consideration as an UNO-approved high school, the Graduate Support Department examines criteria including ACT average, graduation rate, college acceptance rate, and college enrollment rate