Civics Education

In keeping with our educational philosophy and our core values of Leadership, Community, and American, the capstone of UNO’s academic program and curriculum is our emphasis on civics:

American Civics

By exploring American history through the context of the immigrant experience, students begin to evaluate their place in modern day American society. Recognizing that the students and families served by its schools are the future stakeholders of America’s democratic traditions, UNO’s civics curriculum offers the opportunity to become model citizens and informed participants in the country’s political processes.  Beyond an emphasis on American History in the middle school grades, civics units for all grades are linked to American holidays, special dates, and important events in both American and world history.

Civic Engagement

In order to instill a deep and authentic understanding of what it means to be an active, American citizen, students engage in multiple civic activities throughout the school year. Participating in community service projects and volunteer opportunities drives students to build an astute sense of social awareness. Students also experience citizenship and patriotism first-hand through UNO’s mock elections, held on both federal and local election days each year.  In addition, all 7th grade students travel to New York City to study and analyze the events of September 11th, and all 8th grade students go to Washington D.C. to better understand American history.