UNO Posse Scholars


Brian and Yuliana - UNO Posse Scholars
Brian Bahena and Yuliana Lopez - Class of 2014
UNO Major Hector P. Garcia M.D. High School

Yuliana Lopez and Brian Bahena have been with UNO since the very start of their freshman year of high school. They will walk across the stage in a few months for graduation, but they will not just receive their diploma at the end of this year. Yuliana and Brian are two of the selected students from across the nation who will receive the prestigious Posse Scholarship Award. It will be through the Posse Foundation that they will both attend four-year colleges on a full merit scholarship!

When we spoke with Yuliana, she stated, “In the future, I hope to help the upcoming Hispanic generation reach for their goals through education. Just like the many people that support me, I have to continue giving back and pushing others to reach their goals.”  This fall, Yuliana will attend Middlebury College in Vermont.

Brain plans to build on his knowledge of the sciences, and he aspires to conduct medical research on microbes and viruses to discover new methods to prevent and cure diseases. Brian will attend Connecticut College in the fall. 

Both Yuliana and Brian have credited their teachers at UNO Garcia for helping them develop the type of commitment and drive for academic excellence it takes to become a Posse Scholar. Brian shared, “My teachers helped me get to where I am now through their dedication. They were there every day with me—pushing me beyond what I thought was capable of. I am a stronger student academically, and my confidence has grown so much. They provided me with the tools I needed to succeed, and I put these tools to use. I have succeeded, but I also want to state that my teachers succeeded because I evolved as a person through their teaching and advice. I would not be standing where I am today without both their help and dedication.”

The UNO Charter School Network would like to congratulate Yuliana and Brian on their accomplishments and full merit Posse Scholarship Award! We are very proud of their work, and we hope they return during their breaks to share their experiences and successes of this upcoming school year.