High School Athletics

At the high school level, UNO Athletics offers a variety of team sports during the year. Sports may be offered as
intramurals (play among advisories); inter-league tournaments (play against other UNO high schools); club teams
(not playing in a formal league but, depending on interest and competitiveness at each campus, playing a hybrid
schedule against an appropriate range of teams); or IHSA teams (official teams competing in conference leagues).
Sports offerings vary by campus and season, please check directly with each high school campus for specific

Parents are expected to support their student-athlete(s) in their sports activities and be present at pre-season
meetings, parent workshops, team meetings, games and end-of-season awards ceremonies. Parent support is
critical to ensure that student-athletes maintain required academic eligibility and expected standards of conduct
are followed, respectful of the school environment.

A student fee is charged for participation in each sport. These funds help to offset costs associated with
programming (e.g., transportation, officiating, equipment, uniforms, rental of facilities for games, etc.). Uniforms
will be provided to all participating athletes and must be returned in the condition received at the end of season.

Eligibility for IHSA Teams Participation – Official UNO Athletics
To be eligible to tryout and participate in official UNO Athletics, students must adhere to the following:

  1. Submit the Illinois High School Athletic Association (IHSA) Sports Physical, completed and signed by a primary care physician before the first team practice- no student/athlete will be allowed to practice without this official form on file
  2. Submit the Emergency Medical Release and Liability Waiver, signed by parent/guardian before tryouts – no student athlete will be allowed to tryout without this form on file
  3. Settle any financial outstanding balance with the school
  4. Maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of no less than a 2.0 with no F’s.
    • Tryouts/Season starts for Fall sports will use the previous semester’s final grades. Last semesters grades will remain in effect for the first 20 classroom days, with current grades taking effect on the 21st classroom day of the semester.
  5. Remain in good standing (behavior, uniform, tardies and attendance). Good standing is defined as operating in a manner for which no detention/suspension(s) are received.
  6. If selected for a team, students must adhere to the guidelines about AND pay a $25 participation fee (cash or money order, no check) in advance of the first game/meet. This fee is not applicable to high school rowers.

Should a participating student-athlete fail to meet these requirements or should a teacher raise a disciplinary issue; the following will occur:

  • First two weeks of the season: Any athlete not meeting these requirements will have a 3 week period to bring their grades up.
  • After the first two weeks of the season: Any athlete not meeting these requirements will receive a 2 week suspension (no practice/no play) pending a grade check. After the 2 week suspension, grades will be re-evaluated by the Assistant Dean of Culture. This suspension will go into effect the third Monday of the season.

Academic Eligibility- Official UNO Athletics

  1. On a set day of the week, an UNO-CSN High School staff member will generate a list with eligible athletes and this list will be distributed to all coaches, the School Director, and the Assistant Dean of Culture. This list will cover the eligibility for the NEXT week (Monday through Sunday). Eligibility will be revocable, at any time, due to behavior and extreme grade variance.
  2. Any athlete who is absent from school the day of a meet/practice or the Friday before a weekend meet/practice may not participate.
  3. All suspensions are enforceable/ revocable at the discretion of the School Director and/or their designee.

Eligibility for intramurals and inter-league play: to be determined by High School Director and Network Director of Athletics.